General Position Description

The Teacher is responsible for developing a cohesive teaching team, coordinating the curriculum, and managing the day- to-day operational activities of the room. Teachers must understand children’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development in order to ensure a safe and stimulating room environment where children are actively engaged and encouraged to succeed. The Teacher must be skilled in communicating with both children and adults in order to meet the needs of the children, effectively guide teacher assistants, and resolve parental concerns.

The Preschool Teacher provides a safe, stimulating learning environment for children ages three through five years of age and maintains open lines of communication between the child care program and client families..

This Position Reports to the director


  • Ensure a safe and healthy environment at all times by monitoring child areas for hazards or sanitation problems and correcting problems immediately or removing children from hazard until it can be corrected

    ●Provide appropriate adult supervision for all children at all times (children are NEVER to be left alone or permitted to leave the room without an adult)

    ●Provide a stimulating, cognitively challenging environment that encourages exploration and experimentation for children of varying ability levels

    ●Provide experiences and training to help children develop and practice good health/safety habits

    ●Develop and follow a daily schedule that incorporates good early childhood practices (balance of child/teacher initiated activities, active and passive, etc.) and accommodates needs for shared-use areas

    ●Coordinate and implement educational curriculum by developing learning experiences indoors and outside based on developmentally appropriate practices and early learning standards.

    ●Provide language and literacy activities (transitions, routines, outdoor play, etc.) throughout the entire day

    ●Plan individual and group age-appropriate activities to actively engage children and encourage social, cognitive and emotional growth.

Responsibilities Continue...

  • Evaluate and assess individual child progress at least quarterly using curriculum tools and anecdotal notes

    ●Maintain a portfolio of work for each child that documents growth in language, cognitive skills, and creativity

    ●Modify curriculum and activities to meet the needs of children as identified by child evaluation and assessment

    ●Communicate daily with parents regarding the child’s day using the board.

    ●Develop a cooperative working relationship with families by frequent communication either by phone, email, written note, or personal conversation

    ●Maintain frequent communications with parents through informal discussions, progress reports, and parent- teacher conferences.

    ●Conduct two formal family conferences yearly with each family in your class following the written procedure for conferences

    ●Maintain accurate and timely records of accidents, illnesses, medication, attendance, observations, assessments, and family conferences

    ●Meet all regulatory requirements including annual training, skills, room arrangement, planning of yearly calendar, weekly lesson notes etc.

    ●Cooperate with other staff members to ensure the smooth operation of the child care

Compiles and maintains basic record system and files on attendance, budget, supplies, requisitions, work orders, encumbrances, and expenditures; on personnel time records, classified, certificated, and substitute; organizes office forms; prepares statistical and narrative reports for administrative review; on parent information, Child Care activities correspondence, and bulletins; prepares forms and reports on these activities for District offices. Assists the Child Care Supervisor in handling office operations, often assisting other professional staff; buffers supervisor against unnecessary interruptions, obtains information and compiles Board materials; arranges appointments and conferences, and maintains schedule; assists in composing and distributing bulletins, reports, guides, and related office materials; transcribes minutes/notes of staff meetings...

  • Develop a warm and nurturing relationship with all children and parents.
  • Attend staff meetings, parent events and in-house trainings both during and after regular program hours as required for this position.
  • Attend and complete all Licensing training requirements within the time frame set forth by the State.
  • Attend additional workshops, training and continuing education classes as determined in the individualized training plan.
  • Be familiar with and adhere to all policies set forth in the Parent Handbook, the Staff Handbook and the Policy Manual.
  • Follow all facility policies and state regulations.
  • Maintain personal professional development plan to ensure continuous quality improvement.
  • Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

Educational Requirements

  • Completed Senior Secondary School

    Physical Requirements

  • 1.Be able to lift 35 pounds
  • 2.Be able to bend, stoop or kneel to achieve children’s eye-level
  • 3.Be able to sit on the floor and/or child-sized chairs
  • Be able to spend at least 1 hour at a time outdoors throughout the year
  • 5.Be able to write notes, newsletter articles using standard English
  • 6.Perform all activities with children, i.e. jump, dance, walk, run, etc. for extended periods of time.


The instructor is liable for developing a cohesive coaching crew, coordinating the curriculum, and handling the day- to-day operational activities of the room. Instructors ought to recognize children’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical improvement which will ensure a secure and stimulating room surroundings wherein children are actively engaged and advocated to be triumphant. The trainer ought to be skilled in communicating with each youngsters and adults so as to meet the needs of the youngsters, correctly manual instructor assistants, and remedy parental concerns.

The Preschool teacher affords a secure, stimulating getting to know surroundings for youngsters a long time three through 5 years of age and keeps open traces of conversation among the kid care program and purchaser families..


  • Make sure a secure and wholesome environment always by tracking baby regions for risks or sanitation troubles and correcting troubles right now or putting off children from risk till it could be corrected

    ●provide appropriate grownup supervision for all kids at all times (kids are by no means to be left on my own or accredited to leave the room with out an grownup)

    ●provide a stimulating, cognitively tough environment that encourages exploration and experimentation for kids of varying capability levels

    ●provide experiences and schooling to assist children increase and exercise top fitness/safety conduct

    ●develop and comply with a daily agenda that includes proper early adolescence practices (balance of baby/teacher initiated activities, energetic and passive, and many others.) and incorporates needs for shared-use areas

    ●Coordinate and implement educational curriculum by way of developing studying reviews interior and outside primarily based on developmentally appropriate practices and early gaining knowledge of requirements.

    ●offer language and literacy activities (transitions, workouts, outside play, etc.) at some point of the whole day

    ●Plan man or woman and organization age-suitable sports to actively interact youngsters and encourage social, cognitive and emotional growth.